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Features of Location Tracker Android App

Simple Yet Powerful

It is a simple Android App that helps you to trace location of your employees date wise. You get a whole new level of understanding to your sales team activities and thus it can help to drastically improve their productivity.

Get Real Time Location

It gives real time location as well as all the locations that have been visited previously. You get to know where exactly they have been and what activities they have performed. So with this GPS Location Tracker Android App you can optimize the productivity levels of your sales team.


Employs GPS Technology

The Employee GPS Location Tracker Android App employs GPS Technology in Location Tracking. However, the application is not dependent on GPS alone and works even when GPS is off.

Secure, Reliable, and Accurate

The mobile location tracker android application is absolutely secured and does not upload any of your personal information. With this location tracker you get to have accurate information of user locations. You get to know where exactly they have been and what activities they have performed.


Top Class Solution

It a top class solution in the field of location tracking. With this location tracker android app you can stay ahead of your competition as you get an opportunity to optimize the productivity levels of your employees. It is one of the best mobile employee time tracking app that you can have for your organization.

Track Real Time location Through the Dataman Location Tracker

The Location Tracker Solution comes in the form of software application which works on Android devices. With this GPS Location Tracker you can easily track down the real time location of your employees, friends, and family members. GPS coordinates of the targeted mobile device is determined and shown in the form of a convenient map.

This application employs GPS technology to fetch location data of users and works even when GPS is off. The Dataman Employee GPS Location Tracker shows the entire route covered by the user. The location data is presented to you in the form of maps. It even generates various kinds of reports.

The location tracking solution needs to be downloaded as an Android App in your mobile device. Once it is installed and activated, the location information is fetched and stored onto the web server. The location information is then accessible to you through the web portal upon login. Date wise you can view location details of your employees. You get to have the actual distance covered with date and time stamp along with area details.

So this location tracker is a comprehensive solution which enables time tracking of your employees, friends, or relatives.


It furnishes location details, journey time, route coverage through up-to-date maps and tailored reporting system. Easy to install, and thoroughly easy to use, it turns out to be an indispensable solution for location tracking.

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Key Features

  • Simple Yet Powerful
  • Get Real Time Location
  • Employs GPS Technology
  • Top Class Solution
  • Secure, Reliable, and Accurate

Features of Location Tracker Web Portal

The location tracker web portal enables you to have 24x7 real time location tracking. It provides a simple to use web interface through which you can access location information of your employees. The web portal has a neatly laid out dashboard and presents detailed menu options such as activities, reports, masters and utilities. The user needs to login to access the web portal. Managers accessing the web portal can upload time interval for recording location data.
The location tracking web portal provides location information maps and various types of reports. Examples of reports that you can have using the web portal are distance travelled report, daily activity report, stoppage report, log report, number of tour days report, as well as many other kinds of reports. All the reports are shown in easy to understand format. The web portal displays user list as well as group list. Moreover, it is cross browser compatible, and allows you to set user permissions.
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